AIPS & AT&T COVID-19 Response Fund


It is distinctly evident that due to the international pandemic of COVID-19, the office of American Indian Programs and Services recognizes that many of our current students may be facing difficult times coping and experiencing the effects of this global shift.


Due to this unforeseen transition, the Indigenous student population now includes balancing the role of a student with the following:

  • Serving as the primary caretaker to an elder, family members, and the community members in and out of the home
  • Providing income as now the primary provider or additional provider to a household,
  • Teaching children in their online learning instruction now residing in the home,
  • Searching for additional resources to cover housing costs, food, and supplemental costs of living
  • Resourcing out for access to transportation
  • Serving the spiritual and traditional needs of the home while also maintaining individual physical and mental health


A Student Emergency Fund was made possible through the continued support of our AT&T Scholars partnership. The intent of AT&T's partnership is to directly assist Native Indigenous students to attend and graduate from the University of Oklahoma. To qualify for this COVID-19 Response Funding students must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be enrolled at any University of Oklahoma Campus
  • Students must be identified as American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian through documentation previously submitted to OU Financial Aid upon enrollment,
  • Students must provide a brief statement of their financial need,
  • Students must provide an estimated cost break down of their needs,
  • Students must provide receipts or proof of missed and/or planned payments if applicable to the AIPS coordinator.


First priority for disbursement of emergency relief aid will be applied to any outstanding bursar balance that the student may have to alleviate any financial burden that would prevent Fall 2020 enrollment.

An award balance that exceeds the bursar balance will be disseminated to the student appropriately from the Office of Financial Aid based on review of their application by the selection committee.

If you feel that you meet the above criteria please fill out the application by July 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM. 




For further questions or more information on the application process please contact Antonia Belindo (Kiowa/Pawnee/Dine/Choctaw), Coordinator of American Indian Programs and Services and AT&T Scholarship Fund Advisor at