Student Counseling Services Advisory Board (SAB) Applications

Monday, September 13 - Thursday, September 23

The SCS Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of students from all seven Health Colleges and staff from Student Counseling Services (SCS). The goal of the SAB is three part. First, to provide an avenue for students to provide feedback on the mental health and wellness needs of the student body. Second, to gather a community of students who will be informed of the services offered by SCS and who can advocate to and promote mental health and wellness among their peers. And third, to create a team of volunteers who will develop and facilitate various outreach efforts to increase awareness of issues pertinent to HSC students.


Any student from any year of their program is welcome to apply to the SAB, as long as you have not served previously on the board. The SAB meets once each month for an hour. This is typically at noon and, pending our ability to meet in-person, lunch will be provided. We will also offer telecommuting options via Zoom. There are a total of eight meetings, September through May, and you will be asked to attend at least six of the eight. The responsibility of an SAB member is to bring ideas and feedback to each meeting, participate in promoting outreaches and workshops provided by SCS to fellow students, and volunteer in some capacity during our two outreach events. All SAB members who meet these requirements will be eligible for a $100 scholarship in April and recognition in the HSC Student Awards, a small gift that is our way of saying thank you!


We will device via poll on the day of the week and specific dates that work best for everyone. In an effort to ease planning, however, suggested event and meeting times for the SAB are listed below:


SAB Meetings

Thursday, September 30         |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, October 21             |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, November 18         |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, January 20             |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, February 10           |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, March 10               |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, April 7                   |           Noon to 1:00pm

Thursday, May 12                   |           Noon to 1:00pm (party)


SAB Volunteer Events

Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign | TBD

De-Stress Fest! | Wednesday, April 13, 10:00am – 2:00pm