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HSC International Students & Friends (ISF) provides an opportunity to connect domestic and international students through social activities.  We are always open to suggestions or ideas for future activities and opportunities for our students, so feel free to reach out to us on social media.  To learn more about our activities, check out our calendar of events.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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Introducing the ISF Scavenger Hunt

International Students & Friends Photo Scavenger Hunt is an activity that involves an individual or a group friends visiting various scenic places around the OUHSC campus and Oklahoma City. This is a simple yet fun way to promote and build and make lasting friendships.

Materials Required: At least one camera (digital or smartphone camera is fine)

Time Required: First check-in date is October 31st and the last one for the Fall semester December 13th.Spring semester first check-in March 1st and last for the Spring semester is May 2nd.

Suggested places to go before the first check-in:

  • State Fair of Oklahoma
  • Scissortail Park
  • Centennial Land Run Monument
  • OU Football Game

Photo Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Take a picture of each place you visited and mark it off your list.  Post your pictures on our social media pages using the above hashtags. First check-in date is October 31st and the last one for the Fall semester December 13th.  Spring semester first check-in March 1st and last for the Spring semester is May 2nd .

  • Bird Library
  • Children’s Hospital 
  • “Dr. Dan” (The Buffalo in front of the Bird Library)
  • HSC Student Union
  • HSC Clock Tower
  • OMRF
  • OU Medical Center
  • OU Physician’s Building
  • Stephenson Cancer Center
  • Stanton L. Young Walk
  • University Health Club
  • University Village
  • VA Medical Center
  • Oklahoma Memorial Museum
  • Oklahoma State Capitol 
  • Governor’s Mansion
  • National Cowboy Hall of Fame
  • Oklahoma State Fair
  • Chesapeake Area
  • OKC Thunder Game
  • Centennial Land Run Monument
  • Scissortail Park 
  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art 
  • Civic Center (Plays) 
  • Science Museum Oklahoma 
  • Bricktown 
  • White Water Bay 
  • Frontier City 
  • Myriad Botanical Gardens 
  • OU Football Game 
  • OKC Boat District 
  • Ferris Wheel at Wheeler Park & large OKC letters


Points: The successful completion of each photo-task should net players a certain number of points. So that teams can tactically plan their order of attack, the precise number of points that each task is worth should be made clear to participants before the game begins.

For example, for the completion of the simplest tasks, you may receive ten points. Slightly more difficult tasks could be worth twenty points, and really demanding ones 30 points, and so on.

If players know in advance that doing certain difficult tasks will get them higher points, they might want to try these first, saving the easier ones for later if time will allow.

Bonus Points

In order to make the game even more challenging, bonus points can be given for meeting certain criteria or successfully carrying out extra tasks. For example, bonus points might be awarded if you:

  • Instant post on our OUHSC social media pages
  • Visit at least five (5) or more places/locations by Fall semester (December 13, 2019) and ten (10) or more by end of the Spring semester (May 2, 2020).

Actual photo Inside of the venue

Photo with an iconic Oklahoma celebrity or artifact

Shoots the photo containing the large number of people

Social Media

Facebook: The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Instagram: @hscstudent

Hashtags (#ISF@HSC #OUHSCSeeingOKC)