Student Wellbeing

Wellness Programming

Monday, March 27 @ 12:00 PM

Mental Munchies: Podcasts & Puzzles
We are complex beings, formed through unique experiences and variances in personality. So why do self-care talks seem to follow a “one-size-fits-all” formula? Self-care can include podcasts, puzzles, games, and more. Bring your own recommendations as we talk about a few "out-f the box" forms of intellectual well-being with...

Monday, March 27 @ 5:00 PM

Potatoes and Polyamory: A Dinner Presentation on Clinical Care for...
Come and join us for dinner and a discussion around consensual non-monogamy (CNM) and how it interacts with healthcare. As our culture grows increasingly more aware of CNM relationships, it may benefit you as future health professionals to gather some knowledge on non-monogamy and the interaction that can occur when navigating various levels of...

Monday, April 03 @ 12:00 PM

Mental Munchies: Emotional Wellness with Vanessa Contreras, M.Ed.
Emotional wellness includes the capacity to manage one’s feelings and related behaviors including the realistic assessment of one’s limitations, development of autonomy, and ability to cope effectively with stress. Did you also know emotional wellbeing is also impacted by volunteerism? Join us for a chat with Leadership and...

All students enrolled in OUHSC programs must purchase the OUHSC Student Health Insurance Plan or submit a waiver to show alternative coverage via the Student Health Insurance waiver program each semester of enrollment. For Fall 2021 compliance, students must submit their waiver by Tuesday, August 31, 2021.
When pursuing a career in the health sciences, there are times that the pressures, personal conflict, and other stressful situations can seem overwhelming. The goal of Student Counseling Services is to improve the quality of students' lives.
HSC Sooners Helping Sooners is a scholarship opportunity for OUHSC students who find themselves in extenuating circumstances and in need of emergency financial assistance. Sooners Helping Sooners would like to lend a hand to students that are suffering from a house fire, family death, medical bills, or other various hardships.