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All games are played at the IM Sports Field at 9th and Stonewall (South of the College of Nursing). 


Co-Ed Soccer

  • Students can only play on one team per season.
  • All games will begin on time. Failure to show up on time can result in a forfeit.
  • A team will consist of 7 players and a goalie. There must be at least one player from each gender on the field at all times.
  • A team may start the game with as few as 7 players. Failure to comply can result in a forfeit.
  • Two 20 min halves with a running clock
  • 3 min half time
  • Offside rule will not be enforced
  • Any questions about the rules will be referred to the referees before game time.


Review the soccer handbook here.


Intramural Sports Homepage