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Flag Football




HSC Intramural Sports offers two Flag-Football leagues:

  • Competitive Women's 
  • Competitive Men's 

All games will take place on the IM Sports Field located south of the College of Nursing. Important items to know are below:


  • Four 10 min quarters
  • 3 min half time
  • Mercy rule: 25 point lead
  • Time outs: 3- one minute timeouts
  • All games will begin on schedule. Failure to show up on time can result in a forfeit.
  • The game will be played between two teams of 8 players. Each team may play with but no fewer than 7 players.
  • Failure to comply can result in a forfeit.
  • Teams shall designate a captain to make decisions, ask questions and give replies to the referees and officials during pre-game, game time and post game.
  • The referee has the authority to rule promptly, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, on any situation not specifically covered in the rules, and matters pertaining to the game.
  • Any questions about the rules will be referred to the referees before game time.

Review the Flag Football handbook here.


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