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Event Policies


As of July 1, 2018 HSC University Catering will not be a dining option for food services inside the David L. Boren Student Union. Registered Student Organizations, University departments, and non-university entities may utilize food vendors meeting the following requirements:

  • The vendor meets all minimum food safety and licensing standards, as required by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • The vendor is part of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center vendor system
  • The organizer of the event provides advance notice to the DLB Student Union staff of the anticipated food vendor and associated arrangements

Approved vendors as of November 2018 are available here

Catering Process

Prior to the Event:
  • Book events as you normally would via Web EMS. This includes indicating whether you anticipate having food at your event, and providing an estimated attendance.
    • Based on anticipated attendance, the DLBSU team will set up the appropriate amount of catering tables.
  • Notify the DLBSU as early as possible on the vendor you plan to utilize. Food will not permitted inside the facility if the DLBSU has not been notified of the vendor, or if organization providing food is not on the HSC vendor list.
  • Make arrangements to ensure food is delivered to the appropriate room. Students are responsible for providing necessary items, including: utensils, ice, plates, tablecloths, etc.
  • Catering tables must be covered.
  • Bake Sales: All items must be homemade and offered on a donation-only basis (no "suggested price" signage permitted). Store-purchased goods will not be permitted.
During and After the Event:
  • Report any major spills or issues to the Info Desk.
  • Clean up all items from event and ensure tables are clean.
  • For excess trash, please place bags in Dumpster near DLBSU east patio.

HSC Food Services is part of the HSC vendor system, and provides a special pickup menu in addition to its regular Beaker’s Café and Beaker’s Food Court offerings. Please click here to view a menu and instructions on ordering.