University Village Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fill out a Housing Application if I do not know my Student Administrative (SA) Identification Number?

Yes, you can turn in an application without a SA Identification Number. 

Who receives an SA Identification Number?

Each student, staff and faculty member is assigned a SA Identification Number.  Staff and Faculty will also be issued a Human Resources (HR) Number.  These are two different numbers and used in two different ways within the University system.   You will have a payment account set up with the OUHSC Bursar's Office under your SA Identification Number.   Your SA Identification number is also used by the OUHSC Parking Office and the OUHSC One-Card Office for pedestrian access to University Village.

Can I pick anyone as a roommate?

There are no roommate restrictions. If both roommates are a student, staff or faculty of the University of Oklahoma, both roommates may sign the lease and share responsibility. (If not an official member of the OU community, they can be registered as permanent guests and the lease holder is responsible for the guests.)

Am I responsible for the full rent if my roommate moves out?

If your roommate moves out, it is your responsibility to find a new roommate.  While you are actively searching for a roommate, you will not be charged for the rent of your vacated roommate.  University Village Management will assign additional rent charges if no progress is made in a timely manner.

Can I renew my leases?

You may continue to renew your lease as long as you are an active member of the University of Oklahoma OUHSC or Norman Campus and remain in good standing with University Village.

When do I renew my lease?

The Lease Renewal process begins March of each academic year.  You will have until April to decide if you wish to renew your lease or give notice of intent to vacate your apartment.

When must we move out by?

You must vacate your apartment by the last date indicated on your lease.  Leases typically end on May 31st.

What appliances are included in the kitchen?

Each kitchen has a dual sink, stove top with 4 burners, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and refrigerator.

Does the apartment come furnished?

No, the resident must provide all furniture.  

What size bed will fit in a Townhouse bedroom?

One twin, one full or one queen mattress can fit in a bedroom. 

What is a Fire Suppression System?

Each apartment has a water sprinkler system that will be initiated if the temperatures reach 155 degrees farenheit. In the event of a fire, the sprinkler system will activate.

Who monitors the alarm systems in the apartment?

The OUHSC Police Department responds to all security alarms and fire sprinkler alarms. In the event of a fire, the Oklahoma City Fire Department will respond.   

Do we get WiFi?

Yes. Cox Communications provides WiFi throughout the University Village Apartments. Access is via password.

Can we upgrade our cable?

Each apartment has approximately 160 channels wired in multiple spots.  If you wish to purchase premium channels and additional packages, you would need to set up an account with Cox Cable.  You will be responsible for any additional cable service charges.

Do we need to set the electric up before we arrive?

Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG & E) provides electric to residents of University Village for a charge.  Upon the first day of your lease, you are responsible for any charges. Please set-up the account as close to move in as possible. The electricity will be in the University’s name initially and will remain turned on in the interim while you are establishing an account and arranging payment.  Please note, you will need your University Village mailing address to set up your electric bill and potential cable upgrade.

Can I find out my address before move in?

Yes, please contact the University Village Office at (405) 271-0500 for the address.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Everyone who wishes to park on the HSC campus pays for a parking permit.  While you are obtaining a parking permit from the Parking Office, residents will need to ask for additional access into the University Village Apartments. The Parking Office is located at 840 Research Parkway, Suite 150.

How do I pay my Application Fee or Security Deposit online?

To pay online select the Pay Online feature on the main page of the University Village Apartments site, or click here.

This will direct you to an online storefront. Prospective applicants may pay their $40 Application Fee. Tenants accepted to reside at the University Village Apartments may pay their $200 Security Deposit.