Leadership HSC

Developed in 2012, Leadership HSC is a program tailored for first-year HSC students, aiming to foster inter-college educational experiences. The program equips students with the essential tools to emerge as effective leaders within the OU Health Sciences campus community. Participants learn about themselves, their peers, and campus resources, gaining experience that broadens their knowledge and familiarity with the OU Health Sciences campus and community.

Each year, the Leadership HSC Class is comprised of a select group of 50 first-year students spanning all seven colleges at the OU Health Sciences campus. These students have distinguished themselves as leaders in their colleges and are in good academic standing. Students are selected based on their leadership ability, recognized strength to empower their peers, and passion for the OU Health Sciences community. Participation in the Leadership HSC Class is a prestigious honor, recognizing both the students and the colleges they represent.

Tuesday, February 06 @ 2:51 PM

Meet the Class of 2024!

Congratulations to the remarkable students of the Leadership HSC Class of 2024! Your future is bright, and we can't wait to see the incredible impact you'll make!

College of Allied Health

College of Dentistry

College of Medicine

Fran & Earl Zieglar College of Nursing

Mollie Allen

Amanda Evans

Katie Hehemann

Mariela Martinez

Brenner McDougal

Alex Mudd

Merrellann Sawyer

Caiton Wilmoth

Kaylee Wimberley


College of Pharmacy

MacKenzie Bethel

Savanna Christensen

Shelby Little

Darian Aplin

Jordan Baskette

Graham Chapple

Sydney Davenport

Aaron Hui

Justin Yang





Hudson College of Public Health

Toby Clampitt

Amaya Ngo

Carolyn  Nolan

Mehak Ali

Ben Blittschau

Elena Garcia

Gavin Hetzler

Jennifer Ho

Tanner Martin

Reema Moussa

William Price

Adeline Sabados


Graduate College

Sydney Honold

Michael Smith

Rebecca Bailey

Natalie Bard

Adam Barnett

Virginia Bass

Lizbeth Caralampio

Margaret Casey

MakiKate Curry

Cayren Davis

Jayd Egner

Oliver Markwardt

Jennifer Molinsky

Tara Rodriguez

Akeaba Singh

Lydia Zieglar