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HSC Student Affairs offers a convenient and completely free headshot booking service exclusively for HSC program students. Having a professional headshot is essential for networking, job applications, and building a strong online presence. Book your free headshot session through the bookings link below.

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Francis Phan, Communications Specialist

HSC Writing Center

OUHSC Writing Center services are currently provided by the OU Writing Center and is available to students, faculty, and staff of the entire OU Health Sciences Center. Services provided by the Writing Center include help with topic selection, strategies for successful research, proper citation use, grammar correctness, and draft revision.

In-person, virtual, and email appointments are available. Scheduling for the writing center occurs through the WC Online platform.

Mock Interviews & Skill Building

Big Interview an online virtual interview practice system. On the platform, you can refine your interview skills through discipline-specific interview modules. You can record your interview answers to review yourself, share with an advisor, or receive AI feedback. When you save a video, the Big Interview AI will process your video and then offer you immediate feedback on key behaviors and coaching on how to improve. 

Additionally, Big Interview has a suite of modules that cover general interview tips, appropriate attire, developing an interview story and how to negotiate in an interview.

All of these items are available to you as a student at no additional cost. To get started navigate to the OUHSC Big Interview site and click register. You will be directed to the OUHSC Single Sign-On page. Sign on with your university credentials and your account will be automatically set-up.

Resume Building

In addition to the interview suite, Big Interview is home to a resume-building tool that will automatically generate a resume from information you supply to the system. Utilize the resume generator on the OUHSC Big Interview Portal . The Big Interview site also has a resume learning module where you can discover best practices for creating your resume.

Want to build your own resume? Check out the resume templates below to get started.

Sample Resume 1 (General) Sample Resume 2 (General) Sample Resume 3 (General)

Sample Medical Resume Sample Nursing Resume Sample Physician's Associate Resume (I) Sample Physician's Associate Resume (II)