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The Student Satisfaction Survey is a campus climate and student wellness survey administered to all students at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center & OU-Tulsa. The survey data are used to provide OUHSC Student Government Association, staff, faculty, and administrators with unique insights into the student experience at the University of Oklahoma...

Event Resources

Minors on Campus Link
All events with minors (anyone under 18 years of age) must be reported in advance and coordinated with Enterprise Risk Management.
Student Events Marketing Sheet File
Discover helpful ways to market your events.

Registered Student Organization Resources

Expenditure Authorization Form Link

For groups with SGA funds, the expenditure authorization form must be completed and approved before any payment is sent from SGA.

Reimbursement Form (OSF Form 3) Link
The reimbursement form used by groups who utilize SGA funding.
SGA Funding PowerPoint File

The annual RSO training presentation.

SGA Spending Guidelines File

A reference booklet for student organizations who utilize SGA funds.

Trademark Licensing Approval Form File
Student Organizations interested in using OU trademarks are required to seek approval through HSC Student Affairs and OU Licensing.
Types of HSC Registered Student Organizations File
There are three types of student groups at OUHSC.
Voluntary Assumption of Risk & Informed Consent Form File
A consent form for University sponsored events, such as Student Government Association or Student Council events.
Waiver & Release of Liability Form File
A waiver for Registered Student Organizations to utilize for events.

RSO Travel

General Resources

Campus Art Walk File

Explore the artwork that exists on the OUHSC Campus in OKC! Click to download a walking guide for campus artwork.

Return to Service Plan Checklist File
A checklist for returning to service after COVID-19.
Student Legal Services Link

SLS can help students resolve their personal legal matters, specifically: name changes, expungements, non-contested divorces and other Family law matters, landlord/tenant conflicts, Power(s) of Attorney and Health care planning, Municipal criminal matters, Collections cases, Immigration questions, and General practice legal matters.

HSC Student Union Resources

External Rental Agreement Example File
A sample template of the rental agreement for parties external to the University of Oklahoma.
Rental Rates by Affiliation File
A list of HSC Student Union booking rates sorted by room and affiliation.

Voter Registration Resources

"The right to vote is the basic right without which all others are meaningless. It gives people — people as individuals — control over their own destinies" — President Lyndon B. Johnson

In order to be compliant with Section 487(a)(23) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 that references the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) and requires higher education institutions to distribute voter registration forms to their students, below you will find resources to help you with the voter registration process.