Campus Flu Vaccine Clinic

10/23/2019 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM | Robert M. Bird Library Auditorium, Room 299

Get your flu vaccine on campus!

Make time now.

Flu Vaccine Clinics are available on campus throughout the month of October for you and your family.
Flu vaccines are available at no cost for OUHSC students, employees, and their immediate family members*.
*FAMILIES: Influenza vaccinations for employee family members with OUHSC Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage are available at no cost; all others will be charged $35.


  • Regular injection (3 yrs and older)
  • High-dose (65 yrs and older)
  • Needle-free flu shot (PharmaJet, limited quantities; adults 18-64)
  • Flumist (limited quantities; ages 2-49)

Tdap** (ages 11 and up)
**Tdap vaccinations are provided at no cost to employees and family members covered by OUHSC Blue Cross/Blue Shield only; all others will be charged $60.

Consent forms are available at
Employees are required to bring their OUHSC Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance card and University ID card to the flu clinic.
If you do not have OUHSC Blue Cross/Blue Shield, bring your University ID card.
Students are required to bring their University ID card.


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