Friday Conversations

We are here and we care.

  • Group Discussion
Free Food

Friday, November 20 @ 12:00 PM

HSC Student Union, Room 262

There are a lot of factors in 2020 that can be overwhelming--the recent icestorm and loss of power for so many, the presidential election, the social justice movements, social distancing, Zoom fatigue, grief and uncertainty around COVID-19, family tensions, the upcoming holidays, and just the "normal" stress surrounding academics, finances, and clinical work. For the month of November, we want to take time to acknowledge these stressors and the challenge it is to bravely face them. OUHSC Student Affairs invites you to come to the Student Union Room 262 on Fridays for a supportive space to connect with other students and share about the numerous circumstances that are part of all of our lives right now.


We are here, we care, and we want to encourage everyone that we are in this together. Join us for a meal--with proper social distancing in place--and have a conversation this Friday.


Friday Conversations will be guided by a licensed mental health provider. The point of the events will be to create a space for shared community and support around the toughest parts of 2020. It will not be a place for intellectual or political debate and conversations will be moderated to make sure they remain civil, supportive, and safe for any and all students to bring their concerns up. It is our goal that you find you are not alone in your distress and that there are healthy options for dealing with the world right now. If you're overwhelmed and experiencing distress, or if you'd simply like to play a role in supporting other students during this time, please consider coming and joining in a conversation. You can also schedule a brief 20 minute check-in with a counselor at HSC Student Counseling Services during the month of November, in addition to the normal 45-minute individual counseling sessions. You can call (405) 271-7336 or email to set up your brief check-in or an intake for a full session.