March Madness H-O-R-S-E Tournament

Presented by University Health Club

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Ends Wednesday, February 24

University Health Club

Join us for a HORSE tournament in March! To enter, complete the attached form and return to the University Health Club by February 24.


How it works:

  • A tournament update and bracket will be emailed to all participants weekly.
  • The bracket will indicate when matches are scheduled and when they must be completed.
  • Opponents must contact one another, set up a mutual time to play, reserve the court online or at the front desk for 1 hour, and play before the match deadline.
  • If a mutual time cannot be agreed upon, then email



  • Tournament is double elimination.
  • Each H-O-R-S-E match is best of 3 games with the third game being a tiebreaker of P-I-G.
  • Free-throws decide first shot of first game. First to miss, shoots last.
  • Loser of the 1st game shoots first in 2nd game. Free-throws decide first shot of the tiebreaker.
  • Cannot shoot the same successful shot consecutively.
  • Every specialty shot must be called before the shot is taken.
    • For example – reverse lay-up with the left hand, Jump shot just net, bank shot, etc.
  • Specialty shots are missed shots if they are not executed fully, even if the ball goes through the hoop.
    • For Example – “nothing but net” hits rim but still goes in, is a missed shot.
  • Redemption shots allowed. Competitors who have H-O-R-S-E, get one half-court shot to try to stay in the game. If they make it, “E” comes of the board and play resumes with your opponent’s next shot. If you miss the game is over. There is no limit on taking redemption shots per game.
  • Once your match has concluded, please email the results of your match to ASAP.