Masks are required in campus facilities

Until further notice, all individuals in campus facilities must wear disposable or fabric surgical- style facemask masks.

  • Masks must also be worn in outdoor campus spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained. Scarves, bandanas, and the like are not adequate.
  • The University will make masks available to employees and students appropriate to their on-campus responsibilities. 


Masks for students who are on campus may be obtained from:

     HSC Student Affairs
     HSC Student Union, Suite 300

     Monday-Friday | 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

To conserve the University’s mask supply, employees and students must observe the following re-use guidelines: 

  • Disposable Masks - Disposable filtration surgical-style masks worn in non-clinical/non-surgical areas should be worn on campus for five consecutive days, or until soiled, whichever occurs first.  (Those worn in surgical and clinical areas are subject to clinical or surgical department re-use policies.)
  • Fabric Masks - Fabric masks should be washed and fully dried, as needed, but at least once per work week. Appropriate cleaning of the mask is the responsibility of the wearer.