with Gerry Ibay, J.D. & Rachel Parke from the College of Public Health

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Tuesday, November 24 @ 12:00 PM


Yogalates is sometimes thought of as a fusion practice of "East meets West," because it merges the ancient Indian practice of yoga with the Western practice of Pilates, which was developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920s Germany. It combines the yogic focus on enhanced mind and body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, with Pilates techniques to improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement. 


Recommended equipment: 


  1. Yoga/Pilates/Workout mat - can be substituted for a towel, rug, or anything that is slip-resistant.
  2. Yoga block - can be substituted for books or a box with varying heights
  3. Weights such as dumbbells of any weight - can be substituted for anything easy to hold such as food cans or a backpack full of things
  4. Resistance strap - may be substituted with a scarf or tie


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