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HSC Virtual Bingo Started Sunday, June 14
Join HSC Student Affairs as they host a campus-wide virtual BINGO to kick off a summer of staying safe and online learning. During your next virtual event, pull out your BINGO card (there are different ones for students and employees) and mark boxes...
Lunch on HSC Student Affairs Ends Wednesday, July 29
To provide a much needed break for student returning to campus, HSC Student Affairs is offering free grab-and-go orders for students this Wednesday, July 29. Enjoy great food from Beaker’s Food Court, which is still open for takeaway...
Building Awareness on Campus: Exploring Accessibility July 29, 4:00 PM
This workshop will highlight ways you can make your classroom, flyers, and events more accessible to our faculty, staff, and students with disabilities. The featured speakers will include ADRC experts . Use link below to register:...

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Assessing the Impact of Mentoring
Faculty members from College of Medicine are leading a research study titled, “Assessment of Impact of Mentorship from the Education Pathway through the Health Sciences.” Research studies involve only people who choose to participate....

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