Resident Responsibilities

Residents of University Village will sign a lease with The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.  Residents will sign the lease with their roommate if applicable.  Please review a blank copy of the University Village lease here:

University Village Lease

Student Responsibilities

Students of the University of Oklahoma are guaranteed certain rights by the constitutions of the United States and the State of Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma Student Government Association. For the complete Student Rights and Responsibilities Code please visit: 2020-2021 Student Code.

Staff Responsibilities

The University values its relationship with its employees and strives to create and maintain a positive working environment. The University of Oklahoma provides a Staff Handbook in an effort to educate current and prospective employees as to the relevant laws, policies, and procedures that govern interactions between the institution and the employee. The Staff Handbook summarizes University of Oklahoma policies and procedures for current and prospective staff employees. To access the Staff Handbook, visit

Faculty Responsibilities

The Health Sciences Center Faculty Handbook is a compilation of many of the University’s major policies regarding faculty, academic, and administrative matters, along with policies and information on the University’s facilities and general organization. Several other sources, such as the Administration and Finance Policies at, the Staff Handbook at, the Regents’ Policy Manual at, and college and departmental handbooks, also provide useful resources for University policies and procedures. To access the Faculty Handbook, visit