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Adopt-A-Patient: Summer Smiles Final Drop Off Date

Click here to adopt-a-patient.

For the 2018 Summer Season, The Sooner Standard and HSC Student Affairs has teamed up with both the Children’s Hospital and the OU Medical Center. Our goal is to help the patients feel more secure and “at home” in the hospital. We are gathering new pajamas, blankets, toys and other simple comforts that can help. Many families come to the hospital in emergency situations, with little time to pack items. Additionally, over 70% of families served are considered “low-income” and could use a helping hand.

* We appreciate your support, and please know that all donated items or funds to The Children's Hospital Volunteers are tax deductible, as it is a registered 501(c) (3) charity.

You will receive your patient information on a rolling basis starting Monday, June 25th. Please allow a few days for the Sooner Standard to email you your information. Thank you for participating in the 2018 Adopt-A-Patient: Summer Smiles program!  Email with any questions. 


You may drop your gift off (UNWRAPPED) to HSC Student Affairs, DLB Student Union, Suite 300, no later than Wednesday, July 25th at 4 PM. Please call HSC Student Affairs at 405-271-2416 or email if you have any questions.