HSC Sooner Standard

The Sooner Standard recognizes HSC students who go above and beyond in the area of volunteerism. This Award is in connection with the Oklahoma Standard, the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum campaign, committed to promoting these three acts – service, honor and kindness. Make the Oklahoma Standard Pledge today: https://okstandard.org/

Manos Juntas Clinic Volunteering
Looking for clinical volunteering experience? Sign up to volunteer at Manos Juntas, a local clinic dedicated to provide free medical and health education to those in need. Manos Juntas provides medical care, pharmacy and perscription services, and...
WovenLife Volunteering
Volunteer with WovenLife, an organization close to campus, whose mission involves "Empowering people of all ages and abilities to find hope and independence through compassionate care, education, and support."   Current volunteering...
Infant Crisis Center Volunteering
Join in helping to serve the babies and toddlers of Oklahoma! The Infant Crisis Center is looking for volunteers to support in-person. Current volunteer needs are for client intake volunteers, whose duties include directly assisting families in...

Log Your Volunteer Hours

Please follow the directions below to log your volunteer hours:  

  1. Go to the Self-Service website: http://www.ouhsc.edu/selfserve.aspx
  2. Select the student login option
  3. Enter your credentials for Student Self-Service (Note: It’s the same as your D2L Login)
  4. Select Main Menu > OUHSC Custom > Student Self Service > Report Volunteer Service Hours
  5. Enter the Volunteer Organization/Activity, Volunteer Date, Number of Hours Volunteered and a memorable experience from the experience. Then Save the entry.

    To add an additional entry, Click the + sign in the upper right corner of the entry and a new box will appear below the current entry. Complete steps as listed in Step 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What counts as volunteer hours?

OU values and encourages others to give back to the community. Acts of service done freely outside of academic requirements or work counts towards the Sooner Standard.

We do offer a few Sooner Standard Volunteer Days throughout the semester that are available to you. Otherwise, feel free to give back in whatever way you wish! (health clinics - as long as it’s not a class requirement, food bank, animal shelter, etc.)

Can I add my hours from previous years?

Yes! Since The Soooner Standard is a new program, OUHSC students can retroactively log hours that they have completed throughout their time enrolled at OUHSC.

Do summer camps/mission trips count?

Yes! Please only count the hours you were actively volunteering.

Do summers and break count?

Yes! The academic year for the Sooner Standard starts June 1.

When does the year start for the Sooner Standard logging?

The Sooner Standard starts each new volunteer year on June 1. 

If I used a previous logging system for HSC Sooner Standard, do I need to re-enter my hours?

No. Returning students that have logged their hours through a previous HSC Sooner Standard online program will NOT have to re-enter hours. 

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Kelsey Jenkins, M.Ed.

Coordinator, Leadership & Volunteerism