Track Your Immunizations with Complio

Complio is an online system that the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center will use beginning in Spring 2021 to track immunization requirements among our different HSC programs at all campus sites. Students will be required to upload their own immunization documentation into the system, rather than providing documentation to Student Health or an office within your College or program. Complio will also allow you to have access to your immunization records when you transition from an OUHSC student to a healthcare professional.

The Complio process is simple and straightforward with just four basic steps to complete (outlined below), and should take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Students will use their OUHSC credentials to access Complio while they remain enrolled in an OUHSC degree program. However, when you purchase a subscription to Complio you must also create a username and password that is specific to Complio. This login will be used to continue accessing your immunization records on Complio after you graduate; these records will be important in many healthcare fields to validate compliance with professional requirements. Be sure to save the username and password you create for Complio so you can access the system after completing your OUHSC degree program. 

*The required HIPAA Privacy and Security training courses have been combined and moved to the OnPoint learning management system. OnPoint only provides a single certificate and you must upload it to Complio. If you completed your HIPAA training in the last 12 months in either the old or new online training system, your completion record can be found in the OnPoint system; you can login to OU's OnPoint system here to obtain your completion certificate. 


The subscription costs for Complio are the responsibility of the student, and must be paid by the individual student to Complio. Complio is required to be utilized by all OUHSC students to ensure compliance with immunization requirements of the state of Oklahoma, OUHSC, and your individual College or program. Utilization of this system is not optional.

  • $19 | 2-year subscription
  • $29 | 3-year subscription
  • $35 | 4-year subscription
  • $45 | 5-year subscription

Login/Create an Account

New Users
Create an Account

New users may use the link above to access Complio.

Existing Users
Click Here to Login

Returning users may use the link above to access Complio.

4 Steps to Upload Your Immunization Records


Create Your Account & Subscribe

Create an Account to get started. Complio will send an email to the address used during account creation. Click on the Activation Link within this email message. In the new window, click Complete Pending Order to purchase your subscription.


Upload Documents

Login and follow Enter Data.
Next, click Upload Documents and add each of the required documents, following the onscreen instructions. 


Enter Requirements

Enter detailed information for each requirement. Click Submit to save what you've entered, and you'll wait for Complio to review and give administrator approval. You are not fully compliant until your Overall Compliance Status = Compliant, indicated with a green checkmark. Complio will also notify you via the email you set up your account with when your compliance status changes, if an item is approaching expiration, or if a new requirement is added. 


Update as Necessary

We recommend checking Complio regularly so you can stay compliant as individual requirements expire.

Complio Refund Policy

The Complio Refund Policy can be found here.

Complio Contact Information

Changing your name

In the event of a name change, notify both Complio and the University. For OUHSC, complete and return the Name and Address Change form. For Complio, use the “add an alias” feature as described below:

  1. Log in to Complio.
  2. Click 'Edit Profile' on the left-hand side of screen.
  3. Select the box that reads "I have an Alias or Maiden name."
  4. Enter Name into the black fields that appear. If you have no middle name, check the box under the field.
  5. Once the names have been entered, select 'Add Alias.'