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Student Counseling Services
David L. Boren Student Union, Suite 300
Phone: (405) 271-7336
Toll-Free: (877) 577-5655
Email: Counselors [at] ouhsc [dot] edu 



We have selected a wide range of issues that many people struggle with and we hope you will find the links to this material helpful.  This section is for educational information only.  It is not interpreted by the reader as any form of counseling. 

Self-Help Resources
LGBT Resources
Transgender College Student Guide

In addition, below you will find our Self-Help Information Sheets on a variety of concerns.  

Stress Management
Effective Studying
Test Anxiety
Drinking Responsibly
Suicide Prevention

Skills for Achieving your Peak Performance:

Focus and Concentration
Mental Toughness


Personal Wellness Assessment

Click here to download a personal wellness assessment. This assessment will help you understand your current standing within the six areas of wellness.