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To promote a balanced lifestyle, both personally and professionally, through intentional engagement in the Six Dimensions of Wellness.

Six Dimensions of Wellness



Physical-Promotes proper care of our bodies for

optimal health and functioning.

Emotional-The ability to be aware of and accept our

feelings rather than deny them.  Having an optimistic

approach to life.  The capacity to enjoy life despite its

disappointments and frustrations.

Spiritual-A personal matter involving values and

beliefs that provide purpose to our lives.

Intellectual-Engaging the individual in creative and

stimulating mental activities to expand knowledge

and skills and help them discover the potential for

sharing their gifts with others.

Occupational-Involves balancing school work, jobs

and leisure time.  Learning ways to reduce stress and

joyfully live within our means.

Social-Refers to the relationships we have and how

we interact with others.  Social wellness involves

building healthy nurturing and supportive

relationships as well as fostering a genuine

connection with those around you.